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Performance Improvement

In our surveys generally fewer than 50% of any audience agrees with the statement ‘I found my annual performance appraisal useful’. This is a scary statistic when you think of the amount of time and energy that organisations put into this process each year.


Delivering Performance Improvement

We understand that goal-setting, bench-marking standards, identifying milestones of achievement and performance indicators are the bread and butter of any performance management process.

However, success here is about attitude and commitment to making the process objective, realistic and positive. In addition, and equally crucial, is that the whole process is set in the context of the individual’s relationship to the organisation, rather than viewed on an isolated, individual basis.

We help organisations to build the necessary commitment to this process (from both the managerial and colleague position), and to ensure that it is linked into the fabric of the organisation – strategy, business planning, measurement of achievement/business quarterly results and reward and recognition. We make sure that the entire process is carried out within and respecting the framework of the organisation’s stated goals and values; otherwise, we believe, it is just a paper exercise, ticking boxes.

Here’s an example of our success: having worked with the Secretary of State for Child Protection in Romania on a large project to implement a Performance Management Framework across all the country’s County Councils and Bucharest Sectors (as part of improving child protection outcomes for their accession to the EU), we can demonstrate that we understand not only the process but how to win hearts and minds to ensure that it achieves the outcomes required.

In short: we help our clients make the time invested worthwhile – financially and strategically - both for managers and for colleagues.