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Change Management

We know we need to change something, but where do we start?
At Aie we believe that successfully managing change is the holy grail of today’s sustainable organisation.

Change management

Never before has the operating environment been so volatile; it is now imperative that an organisation be able to adapt quickly and cohesively to changing pressures and opportunities.

We have developed a dynamic programme, “The four phases of culture development”, which can be introduced simultaneously across the entire organisation or, less radically, division by division or department by department.

The programme is fluid and constantly incorporates learning and resultant changes; there is no one finished version. Any organisation which adopts the “The four phases of culture development” has begun a change-journey which ensures it is constantly evolving and adapting to the external world as well as to internal developments, able to change direction and focus as necessary.

We believe that any organisation can benefit from our programme, whatever its current stage of cultural identity or confusion. As with all our programmes, we partner with clients throughout the process, whether that involves identifying the most relevant and immediate drivers for them, or agreeing messages and strategic imperatives or designing a clear route to achieve goals, to adapt/develop/introduce processes and systems for improvements; the options are infinite and the solution is always unique to each client organisation.