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“Even David Beckham has a coach and he is at the top of his game”
Multi million pound Construction Project Director.
We can all benefit from coaching and the more high performance is required the stronger the case for regular coaching becomes. Many organisations today employ Aie coaches to support key players and recognise the added value that such investment brings

Corporate coaching

This comment reveals a full appreciation of the value of senior management, and recognises the pressures and responsibilities they bear in their leadership role.
Executive, management, and talent development coaching is a key part of what we do. Today this often carried out as a formal stand-alone contract - but it also is part of how we work.

It is our goal to transfer our expertise wherever possible and to ensure that our clients can sustain their learning long after we have gone.

Coaching is strongly person-centred and our team are trained in techniques that include a sound understanding of the psychology at work as well as a sensitivity for the individual and his or her needs in his or her professional role as well as the many external influences which are brought to bear in the workplace.

The relationship between coach and coachee has to be one of complete mutual trust; the learning experience for the coachee can be profound. It can also be disorientating. Which is why we give very careful consideration to ensure a strong match between coach and coachee; our aim is to achieve the optimum outcome for our client throughout the duration of the professional relationship.

In addition, we use ‘100 Watt Coaching’ ( tools and techniques as well as their on line ‘Motivation Index’ to track status of leadership impact in the organisation or on the team.
Coaching is a learning experience where the entire organisation benefits from the results of the effort involved. But make no mistake, the hard work is borne by the individual manager in his role as leader.

Warning: coaching is a potent option.