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"We know our organisation better than any outsider, so why involve Aie in decision making?"

Corporate coaching

Exactly: the operative word here is “outsider”.

At Aie we bring an independent, unbiased, non-baggage-carrying view to your issue. We act as a set of clear lenses using a strong process based approach: our focus is to help you see your decisions from as many angles as possible, to give you a 360° view of the situation.

As a result, we frequently find that our clients discover the “frame” of the issue is skewed; we recognise that this can be difficult to accept.

It works like this: We use multiple tools for thinking – drawn from lateral thinking, project management, total quality management, psychology, and business process reengineering to create the multiple lenses and generate an effective thinking and problem solving attitude. At this point we are able to work with our client to re-frame the question – and nearly always we see a surge in the creative energies which are released. We see the ability for lateral and creative thinking come alive, providing more imaginative, innovative, and wider ranging options to solve the real issue at stake.

We then use a revolutionary piece of software linked to a clear process, the XpertUS system, ( to nail down the decision-making process to reduce the personalisation, assumption making, and bias that often comes into decision taking in organisations, especially if they are well-established.

Experience has shown us that a decision taken in this framework (which has been de-personalised and is scientifically objective) stands a much better chance of sticking, of working in the long term.