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Half-day, full-day, away-day, at home, conference venue, small group, Olympics 2012 – you name it, we’ve probably done it.

Successful event facilitation is at the heart of what Aie is about.

We create the most appropriate environment to ensure that a group of people, be it half a dozen or hundreds, can meet, talk, share, learn, make decisions effectively, productively, creatively and successfully.

We understand the ambience, the language, the nuance, the level, the feel of the facilitation that’s needed to ensure a successful event. We work equally effectively in short, office-based half-day sessions as in intensive away-days.

Our team is supremely experienced in professional facilitation skills, at all levels, and for any size of meeting. We are professional communicators, whose background is a deep understanding of the psychology of how people work together in different environments and whose experience has been hard-earned at the sharp end, in senior roles in a wide number of organisations and fields.

We are, of course, independent, and as such provide an objective, non-judgemental, unbiased view to the event, enabling all sides to have an equal voice where this might be difficult or controversial in an internal setting.

We are experienced in facilitating delicate, confidential, sensitive meetings where our independence and coaching skills come to the fore. We are able to speak as equals with senior directors and junior managers alike; we can also recognise the elephant in the room and introduce and facilitate discussion about it in an appropriate manner.
We are equally experienced in facilitating large numbers where we concentrate on identifying and designing the process necessary to get the required result. We use as many facilitators as the budget allows, in whatever configuration, with whatever tools/games/groups/activities to ensure the energy and engagement is generated among participants for them to play their full part in the event, and to gain maximum benefit.

Our expertise and experience enable us to be effective in a wide variety of fields. Whether it is framing a vision-value and culture change workshop or facilitating the intricate economic, political and strategic discussions around planning a new production line - Aie facilitators add value and depth to the occasion, lasting much longer than the event itself.