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Who is Aie and why would any one want to work with us?

Who are we?
Aie is a team of principals in our own right; that means we’ve all worked at senior level in a number of organisations and we’ve all been at the sharp end of making decisions which affect the future of those organisations and the people within them.
We’ve all worked globally: in the current operating environment that’s crucial. We’ve learned, the hard way, the nuances and sensitivities of working within different cultures, in different languages with different working practices, expectations and reward structures. Ask us about our work in, say Romania, where our work in the area of child protection was instrumental in deciding whether that country was prepared for accession to the EU.

Why work with us?
Many of us share a background in organisational psychology the definition of which is: “the study of the structure of an organization and of the ways in which the people in it interact, usually undertaken in order to improve the organization through its people”.
But just because our focus is people and relationships, don’t get the idea that we are a push-over and all touchy-feely.

We are all experienced, pragmatic, successful business people who take a robust approach to solving complex organisational problems. We have worked hard to avoid the trap of cynicism; we retain a core belief that honesty, integrity and shared values are at the heart of a successful organisation.

Sticking to those values can be very tough in the face of straitened economic circumstances or an environment of multiple cultures, or both. And at Aie we can be tough, too: we are fully prepared to challenge decisions, actions, processes, structures if we believe that by doing so, your organisation will benefit.

When we work with you we are in it for the long haul. We take our work – and your future – seriously. Aie commits to building a relationship with you which is designed to last; our aim is to work in partnership with you to identify your real problems, and then to help you create workable, practical solutions.

And finally: we believe we provide very good value for money. As we said earlier: we are experienced, pragmatic, successful business people.