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Delivering the vision and values of an organisation with stakeholders aligned and directing their energies at making it a success. Creating shareholder value in the privatge sector and meeting and exceeeding community expectations in the public

Practical leadership

Isn’t Leadership all about making sure the bottom line is healthy?

At Aie we believe the one magic element of the enduringly successful organisation is not the bottom line; we believe it lies in creating an environment where everyone is aligned to the goals and values of the organisation.

It is easy to say the words but it takes inspired leadership, combined with wisdom and vision to achieve this. However, winning the wholehearted goodwill of colleagues and other stakeholders is the key to unlocking talent, imagination and innovation. And THAT will always be good for the bottom line.

Leadership is fundamentally about how you behave and the authenticity with which you behave. When working on leadership, we question and confront inconsistency or behaviour likely to lead to lack of trust. We help people to find out how to manage themselves as leaders consistently and to earn the trust and support of colleagues and customers alike. This is much less about models and theory than it is about behaving with integrity, showing a clear sense of purpose and acting more collegially.

At Aie we can help with the processes required by bringing very practical approaches to bear that produce quick, tangible, measurable results.

Typically we seek to engage with people in the organisation in ways that help them to see the ‘win’ for themselves and hence create their own energy for improvement. In many cases this involves demonstrating how people can use existing systems and processes more effectively.

The win-win mentality is a strong, positive driver so we also encourage potential leaders to recognise the “wins” for their team and the rest of the organisation and to put them into practice regularly and with awareness. It occasionally happens that, in the process, we help to improve these systems too, which is a win for all sides.