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Skill training is not like this. Our training is workshop based with full participant invovement - learning is a shared experience with people learning as much from one another perhaps as from the facilitator

Skills development – both an end and a means
At Aie we regard Training and Skills Development as important tools that we can deploy both formally and informally.

By “informal” we mean that developing skills naturally supports and arises out of much of the other, strategic work that we do. It is a natural result of the way that we aim to partner with clients and transfer knowledge in everything we do. It is a recognised added value that working with Aie brings.

All the “formal” training we carry out is interactive and workshop based; we design our workshops specifically to draw on the positive, committed engagement of the participants. This may sound simplistic and obvious, but long experience has taught us that the Aie approach - to assign equal importance to involving participants in the delivery of the course as to designing its content – is the route to successful learning and improved performance.

Workshops that we are regularly asked to run are wide ranging and include: project management, improving colleague engagement, facilitation skills, improving business decision making, leadership, team working, developing coaching skills, people skills and performance management.

All Aie skills development programmes are designed and delivered around our belief that engagement is a powerful driver. Our workshops are tailored to the client organisation’s needs, and designed within the framework of that organisation’s core values and stated goals. Our connection with individual participants enables them to contribute to the programme in their own unique way to turn it into a reality that they can take forward sustainably.

We believe this achieves the maximum learning potential for the individual, while at the same time delivers direct improved application within the organisation itself – a win-win for all parties concerned.