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Hire Develop and Retain

An organisation’s most valuable asset is its people – so how can we be sure we’ve got the best for our organisation?


At Aie we have years of experience of working with organisations to ensure they make the most of the talent on their payrolls, providing initial recruitment assessment, through development and succession planning.

We use the full range of tools and techniques from assessment and development centres to 1:1 assessment days. Where appropriate, we use organisation-specific case studies and experienced business actors to bring the assessment to life.

All our reports are client competency model based and reflect sound practice. We are trained and experienced across a wide range of psychometrics and assessment approaches. However, if needed we will readily design our own case studies and questionnaires to meet the client’s specific requirements.

We regularly work with blue chip organisations to:
• Survey the existing internal talent pool to help them plan people development and succession plan.
• Provide an objective and robust assessment of ability and potential in the recruitment process.
• Assess potential recruits for appropriate alignment with the organisation’s goals and values.

At Aie we have long recognised that the most successful recruits, that is the most effective and highest performing, are those who best “fit” with the organisation’s values. A bad fit can be very expensive, time-consuming and ultimately damaging to the overall performance of the organisation.
• Plan the development of large number of people transiting roles: e.g. colleagues moving to a new customer contact centre from department based roles.

Role-transition is recognised as potentially difficult for the individual; when large numbers of staff are involved it can be a high-risk activity. At Aie we have helped to orchestrate several such major changes, with minimum disruption and fuss and optimum work output and short re-settling time.
• Assess the development needs of senior managers; provide professional coaching where appropriate.