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At Aie, our approach to building successful teams is to enquire, challenge, provide structure and ultimately enable teams to be all that they have the capability to be. However we do this in a sensitive, aware, constructive manner; our method is to build on existing strengths and relationships.

Teamwork development

A team is as good as the sum of its parts: right?

a team is NOT just a group of individuals. A good team, working together, has immensely increased potential for creativity, effectiveness, efficiency, innovation – in fact, a good team can be a very powerful element for growth within its parent organisation.

All our programmes are designed to enable increased self awareness, more open conversation and genuine personal learning and growth. The sessions are facilitated with sensitivity and care; no-one is forced to enter a situation they don’t want to enter; no-one is asked to reveal more about themselves than they want to. However, it is interesting just how much we reveal through our body language and behaviours generally that we think others do not recognise. We work to reduce such ‘leaks’ and to help people to be more consciously competent, that is, in control of what they are doing and thus not on auto pilot much of the time.

In team work, we encourage the use of well-established 360 degree feedback, personality and work style questionnaires, and monitor carefully how the feedback is delivered.
We also use the “Hogan Dark Side Inventory” as a very revealing tool to assess how you perform in extremis; so you get to see yourself as your colleagues see you when you are having a bad day. We have found this a popular, and highly instructive learning tool in the Teamwork portfolio.

Most of the time we work with teams in the classroom, or in the workplace. However, for more adventurous team days we use Plas y Brenin, the Welsh National Mountain Centre in Snowdonia. This beautiful, rugged, isolated setting provides an unforgettable team-building opportunity, with first class facilities and equipment to extend and enhance team members’ knowledge of their colleagues, and of their own ingenuity, stamina and playfulness.